Morning is time of transition from darkness to light. It is believed that the divinity is at its peak during the early morning hours.

The nature is at its purest level as well during dawn.The flow of energy is smooth and clear in all forms of Life. Air is fresh and the temperatures are cooler. Nature sounds can be heard and felt the best at this time.

Although you can do it at any time of the day, chanting or listening OM in early morning hours bestows feeling of Divine Bliss and balance for the rest of the day. It purifies your aura and improves your energy levels. A seed of subconscious joy gets planted in the mind which grows into a plant of higher consciousness as the day progresses.

OM should be chanted at a speed of about 6 OM’s per minute. Best way is to chant along with this video for best results.

OM is a great way to begin or end your day with a quick boost of positivity and energy.

Put on your headphones, close your eyes and this will take you on a very beautiful and pure spiritual journey.