Subconscious mind is a storehouse of memories, experiences, fears, desires and emotions.

How we behave and what we achieve in Life, greatly depends on the condition of the subconscious mind. If we let bad memories, fears, poor desires and sad emotions,surface into our consciousness, our subconscious mind gets weaker and weaker as each moment passes by.

When we let good memories, learning experiences, good desires, and happy emotions to be bigger part of our consciousness, our subconscious mind grows stronger and stronger with each movement. We become fearless and can take on any challenges in life.

These sounds have great potential to get rid of all negative from your subconscious and fill it with positive. It brings an amazingly powerful and pure cleansing healing experience. It reprograms and detoxifies the subconscious mind for success, happiness and overall progress.

It will help you overcome fears, stress, depression and anxiety. It will help you to get more focus, confidence, peace of mind and relaxation. It is also a great memory booster. This takes you towards your goals in Life.

5-10 minutes of these sounds can bring tremendous effect which you will feel instantly.