Meaning : We pray to Lord Shani to give us his strength and steadiness to attains Rewards of our Karmas and Peace.

Shani is the God of Strength. Saturn/Shani is the slowest moving planet and signifies the importance of slowing down in Life and taking care of each phase in Life with strength and diligence to avoid any future problems. Go slow and steady to succeed is the essence of God Shani.
Listening or chanting this mantra slows down the racing thoughts,stress and worries and help the person focus on priorities to progress and prosper in Life.
Shani is the best friend one can have which gives you the best feedback of your performance and Karma. He will kick you if you do bad and will Reward you if you do well. He is not to be feared of. To respect Shani, do good in Life and he will give you Strength to win each battle in Life.