Spirituality is the way we seek Meaning in Life !

Most of us are stuck in the complexity of understanding why some people get more in their life while others get less with same efforts. Other complexity is the concept of religious intolerance based on strong belief system leading some to become extremists.  This all happens because of the lack of concept of spirituality which is the purposeful connection with our self, society and the nature. When we go against the laws of living, we get spiritually deprived of happiness.

Why is it important to live a spiritual lifestyle. Spirituality gives us understanding of emotions of compassion, love, forgiveness, peace, and karma. Understanding of these emotions are important to live a happy and healthy life. Human existence becomes meaningless if we cannot generate happiness for ourselves and for others.

For a spiritual lifestyle, you need four basic ingredients which I call CO-PU-LE-ME

Spirituality is about making connections. connections one makes with him or herself, with others, nature, and to the sacred realms, inside as well as outside. Spirituality can be a key factor in how people cope with illness and stress.

Connection with self has to be attained before we can connect with a sacred. Wake up with a smile each morning, think positive for the day ahead, give Love as much as you can, speak to please, help and support those in need, take care of your mind and body, eat healthy, have a physical workout routine, meditate, and do your best everyday to improve the strength of the connection with your mind and body, your family, society and nature. Once you are connected, you become spiritual. It is as simple as that.

There are many ways to find the connection but the first and the most important thing needed to have is the wire of faith. Faith does not necessarily mean God. It means belief in yourself and the forces above and beyond our control which control everything happening outside our body. The external Force is simply called divine. The connection of Faith may get weak sometimes in life when we are surrounded by problems and feel the lack of divinity around us to help us tackle those problems.

This takes us to our next dimension of spirituality which is bigger purpose.

Purpose here refers to understanding the reason behind our existence and events that happen in our lives. Sometimes it is hard to find the true reason behind what happens to us. Spirituality helps us in understanding those reasons and the bigger purpose behind each and every event in our life. When we let the bigger purpose do its job rather than creating an emotional upheaval, and perform the best Karma needed at that time, we bring positive progress in our life, family and Society.

The concept of bigger purpose helps us in coping with the emotions of failure, discouragement, insecurity, defeat, hopelessness and depression. When all these negative emotions are gone from our mind and life, we are left with a treasure of positivity.

Another important dimension of spirituality is Letting Go. Letting go of emotions and relationships which make you weak and disconnected with yourself, help you empower spiritually. It also means letting go of control on things that are beyond our control. When we try to control uncontrollable, it only leads us to spiritual breakdown. Keep things clean in mind, in house, in neighborhood, in our society and the whole world . Keeping house free of all the junk that we accumulate as part of material desires, help us greatly grow spiritually. Keep only limited things in the household and life needed to sustain a positive living. Extra things cause extra burden not only in the house but in our spirit and mind as well. The journey to spiritualism starts with the leaving materialism and attaining contentment.

One of the key ingredients to attainment of spiritual lifestyle is meditation. As we had discussed before, meditation is awareness about ourselves in the present moment. When we meditate, we make a strong connection with self and with the divine. We surrender ourselves to self-awareness and let the self-awareness empower our conscious mind to trigger the Divine Energies generated by the positive emotions of spirituality. We strengthen our mind by growing the tree of faith which gives the fruit of purpose. The stronger the tree of faith is, the more purposeful life you will live. Again Faith here refers to the belief in self and the forces above and beyond you.

Many people relate spiritualism with ritualism and insist on performing rituals to connect with the inner energies and the divine. Although there is no harm in being ritualistic, ritualism alone does not make you spiritual. Spiritualism is a process which needs self-control and self-connection. Do not think that just by performing a few rituals, you will attain spirituality. You have to work on your thinking first.

Mantras are a good way to connect spiritually. When you listen or chant a mantra, you empower the conscious connection with the inner self and the divine. You can choose a mantra based on your spiritual need at a given time under a guru's guidance.

You can learn more about mantras and refer to the complete collection of enchanting and precious mantras at dhyaanguru.com. These mantras will connect you deeply with the spiritual world.

One line lesson from this presentation is that the 4 ingredients  needed to get to a strong spiritual path are connection, Understanding your Bigger purpose of existence and Letting go and Meditation.

Think good, act good and live good for a spiritual lifestyle.

Namaste !