Many people have described  CHAKRAS differently. But there is still a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge about this concept due to its mystical and paranormal approach in various schools of  spirituality. Through Dhyaanshakti, we simplify this concept in the most easy, practical and effective way possible so far.

Chakras are a Group of emotions with strong Energies that affect our body, mind and soul. Those energies manifest their powers at different locations in the human body. When we try to empower those emotional Energies to work in our favor, we call it chakra balancing or chakra healing. When these energies navigate themselves from the bottom to the top, spiritual healing happens which subsequently leads to a healthy physical and psychological life.

1.Root chakra

Root chakra depicts the emotional energies of settlement in life. It helps you feel connected to your roots strongly and deeply to get the nourishment for the tree of your life. People who find it difficult to settle in their life because of any reason, have problems in their root chakra,  which should be healed before proceeding do any other energy channels in the body.

Scientific representation of Root chakra is the cauda equina.The cauda equina is a bundle of spinal nerves and spinal nerve roots. It looks like the roots of a tree that nourish the nervous supply of the Lower extremities including the hips,legs, knees,ankles and feet through which we connect with the ground. The sensations needed to feel the balance and to be able to walk each step physically is fulfilled by a healthy cauda equina. That is why an empowered root chakra gives the feeling of being grounded and settled in life.

We are made by Nature. That is why we call it Mother Nature. We need to connect with the nature as a child to get the love and protection which a mother gives to her child. If we lose this Bond, we lose the sense of protection and keep moving around in life to feel protected and never get settled.

Empowerment of root chakra helps us feel satisfied and content while we continue to succeed and progress in life. It keeps us grounded psychologically and does not let the Mind fly into the zones of stress and worries.

Go for a walk in the nature, swim, feel the breeze and fragrance in the air, listen to nature sounds and connect with nature in any way you can to make this chakra strong.

The best mantra to empower the root chakra is OM NAMO NARAYANA

Sound: BHOOM FROM BHOOMI (earth/nature)

Meditate to it this mantra at least 20 minutes a day to improve the root chakra energy and balance it.


2. Sacral chakra

Sacral Chakra depicts emotional energies of connection with the rest of the world. How you  connect with yourself and other people in the society, family and friends is strongly controlled by the sacral chakra. People who find it hard to make a relationship with self and with the other people have problem with the sacral chakra. People with poor sacral chakra Energies have sexual problems, they often fail in relationships and have trouble sustaining long-term connections.

Sacrum in Latin language means a holy bone. It is called holy bone because it  represents procreation. The nervous Supply to the reproductive organ is supplied by the sacral nerves. Reproduction is the way that we connect physically and make relationships with our partner. The relationship between a husband and a wife, relationship with parents, siblings and children cannot happen if the powers of procreation is missing. When we procreate we connect, and when we connect we make bonds of relationships .

The sacral chakra energies of connection help us make a strong bond with every conscious soul around us. The stronger the bond is, the stronger the connection gets. It is like adding glue to each and every connection that we make in our life to make it strong.

Help others, donate for a good cause, volunteer and support those who need as much as you can to empower this chakra.

The best mantra to empower the chakra is So Hum

SAM comes from SAMBANDH (connections)

Meditate to it this mantra at least 20 minutes a day to improve the chakra energy and balance it.


3. Navel chakra

Navel Cjkara depicts our confidence. Confidence is the force needed for an impact to manifest positive changes in life and to help others get positive as well. Trouble with navel chakra usually manifests as lack of self-confidence and poor performance in situations which can be easily controlled with self-confidence. Being unable to express yourself and poor self-esteem are other indications of a weak navel chakra.

Navel represents the center of the human body and the gravitational point of connection. You must have heard everybody talking about having a strong core for a healthy body. When we talk about a strong core , we talked about a strong navel chakra. Strengthening the core strengthens our confidence by giving us a healthy physique. We stand tall with a good posture to show the body language of confidence. A strong mind lives in a strong body only. If your body is weak, mind gets weak as well. So it is very important to strengthen the core to feel confident in life.

Empowering the chakra helps you gain the confidence that you need in your day to day life to get success. It gives a great boost to self-esteem.

Exercise routinely, eat healthy, Mentor and teach others to make it even more stronger.

The best mantra to empower the root chakra is GURU/ JUPITER MANTRA :OM GRAM GREEM GRAUM SAH GURUVE NAMAH

Sound : VISHWA FROM Atma-VISHWAAS (self confidence)

Meditate to it this mantra at least 20 minutes a day to improve the chakra energy and balance it.


4. Heart chakra

Heart Chakra depicts the emotional energies of desires. Desires make us work hard in life. But the Desire of materialistic things and the emotional desires which do not really help us be a better person lead to a weak heart chakra. Being unable to control the magnitude and psychological impact of  desires in your mind is because of lack of energy in the heart chakra. Accumulating things in house and life which do not make you a better person in any way, keeps adding stress on the heart chakra and reduces its energy.

Heart represents repetitive beating to push the fresh blood do the rest of the body. When the heart functions are poor, it pumps less pure blood. When the body gets less pure blood, it gets deprived of nourishment. Same applies to our desires. If We keep pumping out poor desires instead of the good ones to our mind, it becomes sick due to poor nourishment.

To balance the energies of heart chakra, we need to give up the desires to accumulate the emotions and materials that do not provide any physical or psychological benefit in life. Minimalism is another life concept to heal the heart chakra. Keep minimum stuff and thoughts needed for a good lifestyle.To have a simple life, you just need to live simple. Get rid of desires which creates spiritual burden in your life. When the heart chakra is balanced, you feel more at peace and get more Love in life.

The best mantra to empower the root chakra is MANRE DHEER DHARO

Sound : RIDA  FROM HRIDAYA (heart)

Meditate to it this mantra at least 20 minutes a day to improve the chakra energy and balance it.


5. Throat chakra

Thraot Chakra represent the energies of communication. Communication is not only made by the spoken words, it even comes out with our expressions and body language. People who are unable to control their speech may say words that can harm self and others emotionally. Speech is like a knife. You should  know how to use it. If you do not know how to use it, you may harm your self. People with weak throat chakra have trouble using proper language needed for a good communication. They may get angry or abusive too soon. They are unable to articulate well and cannot participate in healthy discussions. They have trouble with vocalizing their emotions due to week throat chakra.

Throat represents vocal cords and passage of fresh air through the Airways into the lungs and excretion of impure air outside. Vocalization happens when we try to excrete air out from the lungs and create vibrations in the vocal cords during the process to form spoken words. When we feel  negative, we do not take deep breaths and take very shallow breaths instead, which tends to accumulate more of the impure air inside the lungs. The added Impurity tends to form a web of communication problems and inability to articulate our thoughts correctly and Purely. That is why Deep breathing is recommended in stressful situations to detoxify the impurities fast.

Empowering the throat chakra is essential to improve the skills of communication, articulation and vocalization in a healthy manner. Leave anger, hatred, jealousy, and ego to empower the chakra.

Deep breathing exercises  routinely adds great benefits towards the throat chakra.

The best mantra to empower the chakra is BUDH/MERCURY MANTRA

Sound : HUM (vibrations)

Meditate to it this mantra at least 20 minutes a day to improve the chakra energy and balance it.


6. Third eye chakra

Third eye Chakra represents our Thoughts. The chaos of thoughts in the mind leads to stress and worries in life. Unable to control the chaos of thoughts, leads to an emotional upheaval, which is a sign of a weak third eye chakra. Unable to think rationally and practically to make a sound decision also represents the disconnect of the energies in this chakra. The unbalanced chakra can lead to longterm psychological problems most common being anxiety and depression.

Third eye represent  PINEAL  gland. The pineal gland has a lot of mystical and pseudoscientific versions in various spiritual literatures. But Scientifically, it produces melatonin, a hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles. Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles, and reduced interactions with surroundings. Sleep assists in creating an anabolic state or a state of growth in simple words, building up the immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems while we sleep. Simply, sleep is essential for growth. People who do not sleep well due to work routine, who suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia or sleep apnea, tend to have poor growth. When the growth is hampered, thoughts get affected. Activation of pineal gland promotes relaxation by providing enough recharging of the body through sleep. When we feel relaxed, we can think better and make better decisions in life.

Empowering the third eye chakra helps in reducing the impact of unwanted thoughts in life. People with strong third eye chakra tend to live in the present, and do not let the events of the past and worries of the future damage the conscious mind. It also gives them a sense of intuition about events in life.

Think positive, get rid of bad habits, smile, follow good sleep hygiene to balance and heal  this chakra.

The best mantra to empower the root chakra HAR HAR MAHADEV

Sound : RISHAM FROM DRISHTI (vision)

Meditate to it this mantra at least 20 minutes a day to improve the chakra energy and balance it.


7. Crown chakra

Crown Chakra represent connection with the Spiritual world. Divinity  represent the external forces which control everything around us. It represents the higher connection that one makes when he or she lives a spiritual lifestyle. A spiritual lifestyle is living a life of interconnectedness, having a purposeful life, letting go of control and meditation.

Imbalance of crown chakra causes a spiritual disconnect leading to blockage of Energies that are transmitted from the chakras below. The balanced energies have to make a connection and maintain a state of constant Flow to avoid any pranic or energy breakdown. It is a cycle which needs to repeat itself from the root chakra to the crown chakra to maintain a proper spiritual balance.

Crown chakra is the formation of collective consciousness of the human body, Mind and Spirit. Consciousness can also be termed as mind power. It is  power because it holds the potential to bring significant positivity or negativity based on the state of consciousness. It can either make you or break you. When the Consciousness is empowered, it works in your favor. It helps in connection of your consciousness with the higher consciousness by forming a bridge of divinity. If the conscious mind is trained to behave the way it should, you achieve abundance and success in every step of life.

Do your best and leave the rest to empower the crown chakra. Always follow truth in Life. A strong Crown chakra helps a person to accept the ups and downs in life positively and confidently. It helps you perform Karmas needed to make a positive impact.

The best mantra to empower the root chakra is OM

 Sound : DHYAANA (Conciousness)

Meditate to it this mantra at least 20 minutes a day to improve the  chakra energy and balance it.