Shiva is the one who introspects, who clears all toxins from within. He belongs to the highest world of creators of this Universe. He lets all that is poisonous and toxic to perish and nurtures all that is good within. Those who call upon Shiva, take a step to realize the beauty of this Universe with a clear vision through the power of their Third eye, a visionary power which only bestows the powers to see beyond what physical eyes can see.
Listening or chanting this mantra daily gets rid of all your physical and psychological toxins and poisons that are killing you from within. Shiva takes away all your pains and sufferings when a clear consciousness calls his name.
During meditation with this mantra, you will definitely get to see the magic and meet Shiva.Your power to focus and meditate will go up exponentially. Your intuition will improve. You will become more balanced just after just one session of this video.
Let the healing and transformation begin.