Pain causes negativity and passiveness in life. The receptivity and perception of pain varies from person to person. But in general, pain of any sort, especially chronic pain has really adverse effects on the brain. Living in pain can actually reduce the size of the brain which predisposes one to dementia, psychological problems, sensori-motor disorders and increases chance of mortality. This has been proved in many scientific studies.

The perception and reaction of pain is a complex system in human body. If your body tends to be in stress, it can lead to subtle contractions and spasms. It reduces the circulation to vital organs of our body including brain, which reduces your brain size and affects your performance.

Those who meditate and practice mindfulness have been shown to have more brain volume especially the grey matter which helps keep the pain under control by releasing endorphins and also keeps the body and mind functioning at the optimal levels.

‘Dhyaan Hari Om’ Mantra when combined with powerful alpha waves, works as a potent pain killer. These sounds can help reduce the pain by actually working directly on your brain level. It puts one to a state of mindfulness immediately. Daily listening to this will also improve your ability to perform and engage in challenging activities while maintaining an optimal mindset. It will give you a boost in energy levels and promote better sleep as well.

Just relax, put on your headphones and focus on breathing or the area of pain. Your pain will vanish soon.