Lord Hanuman is the God of Strength and Protection. Those who call upon Hanuman, get the strength to fight hardships. He also protects one from evil of any sort. His name generates powerful vibrations which boosts the listener’s stamina, energy and will power. His name wards of all negative energies in your aura. He empowers one’s Karma to dedicate to others in need. He brings peace and harmony to a chaotic life. Lord Ram also blesses all those who call upon his beloved devotee, Hanuman.
If you feel low in energy or feel that you have been a victim of evil energies, Hanuman mantra will help you overcome your miseries. He will also help you balance any problems with Mangal in your horoscope.
Avoid criticizing, procrastinating and thinking negative for others. Have a routine of healthy diet and exercising habits. Lord Hauman will bless you with lots of powerful energies.