You will feel the Positive AURA building up around you as soon as you start chanting this. The more you chant, the stronger your AURA will become as shown in the picture.

Very Powerful to feel Positive Instantly.

This mantra is composed of 2 components.

1. Z : Sound of Z is the sound of energy. Energy can be felt in every living creation in this universe with the particular sound. Buzzing is the most common sound of living. Also the sound of electricity.

2. Om : Divine positive Sound of universe/space

Chanting this mantra creates a sound of universal positive energy around us. Zaps away all the negative aura and energies around us and within.

The word “mantra” comes from two Sanskrit words: “Manas”, meaning mind, and “trai”, meaning to free from. In the literal sense then, mantra means to free from the mind. As sacred sounds, mantras were bestowed to sages often in meditations after they took on intense spiritual practices. The sounds were subsequently tested to examine the consistency and intensity of their effects, and then recorded in the Vedic scriptures to have an organized system of spiritual tools for transformation.

But how can we in the West understand, appreciate, and most importantly, experience the positive effects of mantras? We know that sound is a physical vibration with palpable effects on our mind and body. For example, you can notice a difference in your mood when you hear heavy traffic versus classical music. The former can cause you to get irritated and tense up, while the latter can relax and soothe you. In addition to these measurable mental, emotional and physical responses, our subtle energy body also reacts to the vibration of sound.

As sacred sound vibrations, mantras work on all of these levels and therefore can affect change at all levels. Each word or sound in a mantra has a very specific energetic effect. For example, chanting a mantra stimulates certain parts of the brain that release beneficial chemicals, which in turn elicit a more relaxed and peaceful state of consciousness.