‘DURGA’ means Invincible, somebody who is too powerful to be defeated or overcome.
‘DUM’ refers to Initiation of that Power. It is like turning on a power switch.
This mantra in essence, is calling on the divine force that cannot be defeated by anybody. A force that is so divine and strong, that evil of any sort fears to come even near it. One who asks for the power, gets it from Mother Durga, who is the epitome of ‘Shakti’.
Durga ignites a fire which destroys all evil in our lives.

Thanks to Ruhi, my 2 year old daughter who chanted the beautiful OM at this young age so beautifully.

When chanted or listened to with full devotion, this mantra shows results instantly. A new energy force enters your body and you can feel it in just a few minutes. You can test your energy levels by easily fulfilling tasks that would drain you or make you feel tired otherwise. It works like an ‘Energy Magic’ whenever you need it.