Mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating. The Sanskrit word mantra consists of the root, ‘man’- “to think” and the suffix -tra, designating tools or instruments, hence a literal translation would be “instrument of thought”.

Mantras originated thousands of years ago when the great sages started meditating and then subsequently put down their experience and findings in the ancient vedas. So simply it is a bridge to connect our mind to the spiritual forces within us and above us. The more you practice and the more you believe, the stronger the bridge gets. 

Mantras are very powerful and divine tools that give you wings to fly to the lands of Success, Peace and Joy. They have abundance of energy and Life changing properties. Mantras are not just sacred sounds, these are scientifically proven to have the vibrations and frequencies to heal  the core level of human body which is the DNA. Mantras break the complex chain of thoughts which stop you from achieving a streamlined and aware mind. You should try them even if you are a non-believer or skeptic. You will see a great change ! That is my promise !

I love answering each and every one of you on Email, Youtube, Facebook and other Platforms, but sometimes I am unable to catch up due to hundreds of questions that come in daily. I will continue to do the best I can to reach out individually to all of you, which my Vision and Mission.


The most important thing to understand about Mantras is that they are not MAGIC ! Do not expect wonders to happen just by chanting or listening to the Mantras. Mantras are just a tool. You have to use the tool to fix the engine of your life.  You have to do your ‘Karma’ and best efforts to get to the desired Goal. Mantra will be a catalyst to get there faster and easier. It is like you walking to your destination and Mantra gives you wings to fly to the lands you desire to go. But you have to take the first step. If you want to have success, do some hard work. Mantra will not help you if you are just waiting for miracle to happen without personal efforts.

There are some common questions which I am asked daily by many of you. So, I thought, I will prepare this so that you can have a better understanding of the Mantras ,how they work, and how to work with them. I am sure this will greatly help you achieve whatever you desire! Lots of Blessings and Good Wishes to all seeking Peace and Joy in life !

1. Can I listen or do I have to chant along?

WHATEVER GIVES YOU MORE PEACE ! PEACE IS THE FOUNDATION TO GET BENEFITS OF ANY MANTRA.  If you do not have a peaceful mind, mantra will not work. If your mind is at peace, either way works well. If you choose to chant, you should chant with deep dedication and respect to the mantra. You should do whatever helps you get connected spiritually. Mantras are the sounds of soul, they do not have to be always spoken out loud to get benefits. For me, listening with headphones  work the best to get me connected deep within and above.

2. Why is there ‘Warning’ on some Mantras?

 Some of them have WARNING signs which a lot of you have shown concern for. Warning is for the fact that people should not use some of the mantras/sounds while driving or operating heavy machinery as they are very deep and take you in a Trance state fast ! Warning is to get attention for your protection ! Happy Meditating !

3. Questions about Mantra to get desired Love ?

Start giving love instead of searching for it. You will get abundance in Life !

A lot of us struggle to get love in life. Love is one of the best emotional gifts to mankind. We have the power to express and share love with no limits. But when love gets entangled in chains of desires, expectations and possesiveness, it loses it’s charm and strength. Listen to the Kamdev Gayatri mantra with feelings of strengthening the love, rather than being possesive about it. If it is meant to happen, divine energies will do their best to get you the desired love of your life. But if it not good for you in long run, divine energies will get you to the person you should be with.

So, if you do not get the desired partner after being fully devoted to the mantra for 40 days, do not worry. Divine has better plans for you !

4. What can I do to add effects of the Mantra?

Feeding the Birds, Animals and hungry poor people adds great effects to the spiritual benefits of mantra. Keeping a healthy lifestyle, avoiding alcohol, drugs, smoking and meats also add great benefit.

5. Do I need to perform any rituals?

Not at all! It is about spiritualism, not Ritualism.

6. When will I see the results?

If the results you are trying to get are the physical/material results like, success, love, money etc., it takes time. There is no set time period. Sometimes it is instant, the same day, sometimes weeks and sometimes even months. But the spiritual benefits start happening right away.

7. Can I chant many mantras together?

Yes, you can. But it is best to focus on one mantra at a time.

8. Can I do it for somebody else?

Mantras work mainly for you since you are the one chanting or listening. But mantras have immense powers. If the person you want the benefits for, cannot listen or chant, you can always do it for them.

9. Can I play them in background?

Definitely! The mantras act by their vibrations and frequencies to clean the negative energies around you as well. They are great to have positive vibes in any home or office. Play them as much as you like! You will see great results. It also improves work efficiency. 

10. What if I cannot focus?

Relaxed mind is all you need when you listen or chant the mantras. Do not struggle with focusing on a particular object or picture or imaginary figure.  Just relax, let your thoughts drift away gradually. Just do not struggle with your thoughts and you will get immense peace.

Mantras are about surrender and Prayer to the related God. Do not try to focus too much as it takes away the emotions needed for connection with the Divine. Just relax, sit in a quite place, use headphones for better effects and let the mantra heal you as it takes you deep in your reality and connects you with the Divine. The feeling is Blissful !

11. What if nothing happens?

Nothing ever goes waste in life. Listening or Chanting Mantras is about self-love. It is not a give and exchange program. Mantras are not magic. You cannot take a brush, dip it in a bucket of paint and just brush in the air. You will not see any change in color of the wall. If you want to see the color, you need to paint the wall. Brushing the air will only cause more mess on the floor. Similarly mantras need to be respected and followed not just spoken or listened to see effects. Paint is the mantra and wall is your soul. Work on your soul and then only you will see the change. Mantras are for spiritual healing, to help your mind and body focus on the purpose and goals of your life and to help you achieve them.  You may not be able to see the impact you are looking for right now, but it does not mean that it is not coming. Good things take time. Keep your belief and faith strong. Great things will happen to you!

12. How many day should I do it?

Again, there is no rule. But general acceptance is minimum of 40 days to achieve the effects of a particular mantra. It is said, that it takes 40 days to bring healing. But sometimes it may take longer as well !

13. How many times should I do it? How many times is it repeated in Video?

There are no particular times you need to repeat. But generally 108 times is followed universally. It is believed that we have 108 energy channels in our body and to heal all those channels, we need to repeat 108 times. But when listening, you do not have to keep a count.  Listening is the best way when you are just starting with the mantra to get a complete understanding of the depth and impact of mantra.

All the mantra videos are 1 hour long for best healing experience and meditative purposes. The number of repetitions are different in each one of them because of the length of mantra. Do not stress yourself in knowing about the number of repetitions. Number does not matter. What matters is your understanding and respect for the mantra.

14. What time of the day is best for listening or chanting?

Morning and evenings are the best times for listening and chanting mantras. Those are the times of transformation of night into day and vice versa. Those times are believed to be very sacred. We are most relaxed during those times. But practically, you can do it any time you want. The effects will be the same.

15. Can I chant or listen to mantras on the days of my menstrual cycle?

Definitely! There are no restrictions of any sort.

16. Do I need to be a vegetarian?

Real spirituality is about taking care. The pleasure of taste should not be more powerful that the remorse of killing a life. Our bad karmas come back in form of poor health, sorrow and misery. If avoiding meat takes away this bad karma, you will have more peace and happiness in Life.

It is my own personal choice and understanding that it is good to be a vegetarian. I myself used to eat meat in the past, but now I’m completely vegetarian. I feel that has helped me a lot spiritually. So I leave it up to you. It is your choice. As I always say, the path you choose is the path you walk. What you choose today will impact your future. So choose wisely and respect LIFE ! 

17. Can I play Mantras while sleeping ?

You can. But this will help only at the subconscious/unconcious level by raising the vibrations around you. The empowerment of the Coscious mind is more impactful for long term benefits and healing.

18. How will they benefit me?

Mantras improve Focus, Energy, Aura, provide relaxation, boost immunity, reduce anger, melt away the stress, relieve anxiety and depression and above all give you peace and joy! 

If you are chanting for a purpose, it helps you guide to that purpose with a clear and focused mind. I would like to clarify one thing here that Mantras are not instant magic. These are very divine and soulful channels to help you get to where you need to be. If you want to get rich quickly, do some hard work. That is the only way that I know of, which works fast. Do not have wrong expectations when you chant. Just have a clean, clear and focused mind and you will get all what you desire. Have patience ! Keep your faith strong in God and Guru. never fear anything in life as long as you are true in your heart and actions.

19. Where do I start?

You can start with OM. It is the simplest and the most powerful sound of the universe. Once you have achieved the resonance of OM, you can move forwards with any other mantra of your choice or get guidance from somebody who knows more about this to help you achieve what you need to in life.

20. Why do I need Mantras in my Life?

When we get hungry, we like to eat. When we get thirsty, we like to drink. When we get sleepy, we like to sleep. There are many more things that we do in our lives to survive. We feed the body, rest the body but we do not feed and relax our soul.  Mantras are food for soul. Mantras are needed to help find the true connection with the self and to find a bigger purpose of our existence. Benefits listed below in Question 5.

21. Are they particular to any religion?

These were initially created by Hindu sages thousands of years ago. But the basic philosophy of Hinduism is not religion but community. Any person from any religion can chant these mantras with the same benefits without the need of performing any rituals. God is one and God is great is the foundation of any mantra.

Mantras are also divinely revealed to a Guru during deep meditation. Those mantras are called Guru Mantras. 


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I also request you to keep sharing your experiences with the mantras as much as possible. If you can share a short video of your blissful experience, that will be icing on the cake. The idea is to get connected to more and more people subsequently by sharing. You are all part of my family of ‘Dhyanis'(the ones who are aware).  You can email the video to me at dhyaanguruji@gmail.com


 Good Luck and Good wishes on your Journey of Self-Transformation !

Blessings and Good Wishes to you !